At Dfferenze, we are committed to providing the best client satisfaction possible.

General Policy

  • This page is updated regularly

  • We take bookings - phone, texts, email or  online.

  • We reserve the right to refuse service at any time to a client with or without an appointment due to lateness, outstanding balances owed or disrespectful behaviour.

  • We value our clients and hence, are treated with respect and dignity.

  • Any items brought into our premises is not our responsibility.

  • Prices must be checked, confirmed and agreed between the stylist and the client before any appointment, Additional prices may be incurred on the day of appointment depending on the state of the client's hair so its very important to be honest during consultations.

  • We respect the privacy of our clients so we ask the permission of the client for any pictures to be taken for marketing and advertisement purposes  on our website and/or social media platform.

  • Feel free to bring or order some food when you are having your hair done.

  • We would be updating our offers and booking online pages regularly so we welcome any honest feedback  and  opinions. If you are pleased with our service, please write a review on our reviews page and send a picture of the style for our website and social media platform, it would be much appreciated.

Terms and Conditions


 Clients with Children

  • Appointments can take a while to complete - 3 hours for Ghana weaving or up to 8 hours for braids or twists, please do not bring your children unless they are having their own hair braided, alternatively, we can book your children for a different day and time. If you must bring your children, it is your responsibility to provide quiet entertainment that keeps your children seated and out of the way as we do not have the facility to care or watch your children.

  • It is advisable not to leave a child with their sibling who is having their own hair styled to avoid distractions and provide the child with some lunch/dinner.

  • We are not responsible for your child's safety at any time if they are not having their hair braided.

  • Children tend to take a shorter amount of time (depending on the style of braids or cornrows) and cry less or not at all if the parents are not around while they are getting their hair braided.

 Cancellations and No Shows 

  • Appointments can be cancelled at short notice however clients who fail to show up to their appointment cause an inconvenience to other clients and a loss of revenue.  We therefore ask that you give us at least 12 hours notice for any appointment change or cancellation, otherwise a penalty charge of £10 will be applied on the next booked appointment.

  • In the event of continuous no show or repeat late cancellations, the full cost of the service booked applies and a 50% deposit required for future appointments.


  • Evening appointments are booked from 5pm for a fixed additional charge of £10. Please inform us of any lateness that might occur due to traffic or for whatever reason. 30 minutes is the maximum amount of time we accept but any longer, the client will incur an extra charge of £10 or reschedule the appointment.

  • Late evening appointments are also available for Home visits £20 plus travel expenses at £3 per mile for Harrow only.

Complaints & our Guarantee

  • We want every client to be 100% happy and satisfied with their hair so if, however, you have an issue or complaint, please notify us immediately and we will consult with you in order to have the issue resolved amicably within 24 hours . If you have simply changed your mind or if you return after 24 hours normal charges may apply.

  • We welcome any feedback (be it negative or positive) as it will help us to provide a better service to all our clients and it is important for you to inform us if you are not 100% happy with your hair at any stage.


  • 15% deposits are required for certain appointments such as home visits, braids and twist styles priced £90+, just to mention a few.  Deposits are non-refundable on failure to turn up for your appointment or change of appointment without 12 hours’ notice.  Late charges also apply.

  • Deposits can be paid via online banking before an appointment can be booked, upon which you will receive a confirmation of your appointment.

  • This also applies to lapsed clients who have not visited us in at least a year.




  • We accept cash and online banking.

  • If a client does not have the full amount after the hair appointment, an online payment can be made  within 3 days on receiving the account details. Failure to do so, will also result in losing any discounts for the next appointment and will be required to pay up to a third of the full amount online before any appointments can be booked. 


 Offers and Promotions


  • We reserve the right to cancel any offers and/or promotions at any time. The vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash or used in conjunction with any other offer, discount or promotion. 

  • Some promotions require payment before the appointment can be booked – this payment is non-refundable if you fail to turn up or change the appointment without 12 hours notice.

  • Always be on the lookout for offers and promotions on the offers page.


Customers with Discounts


  • All discounts must be presented to the stylist on the day of the appointment and not after.

  • Discounts are only available on regular prices, not on already discounted or bargained prices.

  •  More than one discount can be redeemed on the day of your appointment - referrals, birthdays, wrap up because you have earned it. Please check for offers regularly.


 Refunds Policy

  • Clients have the right at any time to view the quality of our service and can view the front and back properly and request any changes before leaving our premises or before we leave if it a home visit. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have or perform any changes at your request. After the appointment, our non refundable policy takes effect.

  • Styles are expected to last up to 3 weeks for cornrows, Ghana weaving and at least 4-5 weeks (example: cornrows, braids/twists). It is advisable not to leave in braids or twists for too long to avoid your hair being knotted at the roots breakage during take out.

Home Visits

  • Starting prices for client home visit in harrow starts from £5 and  extra £3 per mile after 4miles, 

  • Any lateness / delays on the client's part will incur additional costs £10 per hour. During home visits, a client's hair can also be washed, blow-dried and prepped before braiding but the client must include this request when booking the appointment to avoid extra charges.

Preparing for your appointment

  • We require that you shampoo, condition and blow-dry your hair thoroughly beforehand. However,  if you prefer to have your hair washed and blow dried by us, there will be an additional charge of £20.

  • It is important that we start all our appointments on time so please be prepared and ready to avoid additional charges being incurred.

  • If you have yet to prepare your hair prior to the appointment, we can reschedule your appointment if we are unable to wait but then you will still be liable for the travel expenses and will lose any paid deposit.

  • Your hair must be properly blow-dried thoroughly and we will check your hair condition before styling commences.  Any knots, tangles or extra prepping we have to do, will incur an additional charge of £10 for children and £20 for adults. 

  • We work on a time scale so any additional work that has to be done in preparation of your hair results in us being late for the next scheduled appointment.

  • For braids and twists, we use X-pressions for its texture (mixture of softness and coarseness). We sell it at £3.50 a pack and prep it in advance to save time. So , when you show up for your appointment, please make a note of this and you can replace your pack of X-pressions instead of paying £3.50.

  • We have a range of colours available which can be mixed together to achieve 2 or 3 tone or Ombre. Prices per pack start from £3.50 past shouders, £4.50 for midback and £5.50 for waist.

  • However, if you change the length or volume of your chosen style with extensions, this may affect the  number of packs we use and you will be charged for any additional packs used. Same applies for afro kinky twists (£6.50per pack) styles , updo styles and crochet weaves (£6.50 per pack).

Booking your appointment

  • We accept appointments 24hrs via text, email or book online. Please note that appointments booked online take priority over text, emails or phone appointments.

  • When booking online with us for your appointment,  please use the price range as a guide if you cant find the particular hair style you want and feel free to type in a  message of exactly what you want and we would get back to you as soon as possible.








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